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We have worked hard to prepare all new creative and engaging camps, CREATIVITY CAMP and NATURE CAMP. Again, we have made sure all of the prep work is done so you and your child can jump into a different activity by simply opening up our camp box!  Take a look at the descriptions below. Choose a camp that is ideal for your child, complete the order form linked below and we will have your camp ready for curb-side pick-up at Little Buffalo on Tuesday, July 27rd or Wednesday, July 28 between 9-11am. If you cannot make these dates/times we offer porch pickup in North Buffalo. Camps are $95 each for 5 complete activities. We have a family discount of $10 off each additional camp ordered. Please follow this Google link to order: CAMP ORDER FORM

CREATIVITY CAMP (ideal for age 4-9 with adult supervision)

Day 1: Textured Slime
We’ve packed up all of the pre measured ingredients and enclosed simple directions to make a stretchy fun slime!  The box includes: a reusable airtight storage container, 4oz bottle of Elmers Glue, premeasured baking soda, contact solution, colorful foam beads, and mini fruit charms to create a fun textured effect.
Day 2: Watercolor Carp Windsock
Create 3 beautiful japanese carp windsocks on unique diffusing paper. This special paper allows for a watercolor look made with markers and water.  Includes: 3 large 3D paper carp fish, a spray bottle to spray designs, twine and clips to hang your windsocks, a glue stick and a set of 6 quality washable markers to create designs and highlight the scales, gills, and face of your fish.
Day 3: Washi Tape Canvas Art
This art project uses washi tape to create a design on a canvas.  These designs could include a grid, geometric shapes, an initial letter for your name or a word, or any other picture that you can imagine. Camp includes: 3 5x7 canvases, 1 5” easel to display art, 4 pods of acrylic paint, a quality paint brush and 2 rolls of patterned washi tape.
Day 4: Sand Art Trio
This colorful, fun project uses fine, colored sand to create 3 pieces of sand art: a monster and 2 geometric patterns.  Includes: 3 separate art pictures, 18 packets of brightly colored sand, a set of googly eyes and a glue pod with applicator.
Day 5: Dream Mobile
Sweet dreams guaranteed with this project.  A twist on the dream catcher, this dream mobile is a simple fine motor piece of art to hang in your bedroom to admire as you drift to sleep.  Includes: a hoop, several feathers, a bag of assorted beads, thin string and faux leather cord.

NATURE CAMP (ideal for ages 2-7 with adult supervision)

DAY 1: Leaf Sponge Painting 
A keepsake apron for your nature-lover to paint and wear. Camp box includes: a child-size cotton apron, 3 pods of bright acrylic paint, 3 small plates for paint, 3 leaf sponges, and a package of 4 different sized circular sponge brushes.
Day 2: Bug Catcher
The perfect kit for backyard discovery.  Decorate your own bug catcher and build a home for the critters you find. Includes: plastic jar with breathable lid, stickers to decorate jar, rocks and greens to create a habitat in the jar, a scooper to catch creatures and a magnifying glass to study them.
Day 3: Oobleck Mud Sensory Bin
Oobleck is a great sensory can act like both a solid and a liquid! This sensory box uses Oobleck and cocoa to create a “mud” for bugs to live in and kids can experience the gooey substance by scooping, sifting and pouring.  Sensory bin includes: a reusable, airtight box with lid, premeasure cornstarch and cocoa to make Oobleck mud, a mini metal bucket, a scooper, a sifter and a variety of mini plastic bugs and rocks. 
Day 4: Seed Art Garland
Make a piece of art using natural materials and display them in frames on a twine garland.  Includes: 4 4x6 cardstock nature illustrations to decorate, 4 5x7 craft paper frames, 4 clothespins, twine, glue pod and applicator, and 4 pods of “seeds” including: corn, dried peas, dried black beans and rice. 
 Day 5: Leaf Watercolor Painting
Children will enjoy making a collection of 8 unique watercolor leaves with amazing diffusing paper.  These can be hung with the seed art garland for a beautiful display of nature art.  Camp box includes: 8 large leaves cut from diffusing paper, watercolor markers, 8 mini clothespins, a spray bottle for water and 3 liquid watercolors bottles.

CLASSES (Postponed Until Reopening):

We are excited to offer Zumbini and Sensory Play classes!
Please see dates in the descriptions below.

Class sizes are small and a
$50 deposit is required at time of registration.
Remaining balance is due at the first class.  

Classes run for 6 weeks. There are no make ups available.
Please contact us if your child is sick.

WE PRORATE FOR LATE REGISTRATIONS or you can try a drop-in class for $20 to see if the class is ideal for you and your child.
(Please call ahead to make sure class is not full)

All class participants enjoy a half hour of open play
after their class with paid registration.

Please email us at or call us at
716-427-3668 and include the following information for Registration:
Parent Name
Phone #
Child Name
Child Age
Additional Sibling(s) Name(s) and Age(s) if Registering
Class Name
Date and Time of Class

Special Information for Teacher


We try to gear all of our classes to be appropriate for multiple ages and this is a guide. Every child is different and it is the parent's discretion whether a class is a good fit for their child.  All of these classes encourage parent participation.

45 minutes, 6 weeks

Created by Zumba® and BabyFirst for kids ages 0-5,
the Zumbini® program combines music, dance and educational tools
for 45 minutes of can’t-stop, won’t-stop bonding, learning, and fun!

Sensory Play
Includes varied materials. Recommended ages 2-5
45 minutes, 6 weeks
Children will get the chance to engage their senses through a different, usually messy, sensory set up each week.  Play includes water, sand, playdough, foam and much more. During sensory play children will naturally learn how to explore, investigate and create. Please dress in clothes that can get messy.

All ages
Bond and find mindfulness together through fun poses, songs, games and mini meditations.  Please dress in comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.


Recommended For age
18 mos- age 5

Create a new piece of art each class using various materials.  A creative and sensory experience. Please dress in clothes that can get messy.