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We are currently offering no-contact porch pickup in North Buffalo on all orders! Click on links below to go directly to order forms. You can also message us on Instagram or Facebook or email us at for any orders or questions!

Want to see our items in person?? We will be open on Small Business Saturday at our location (633 Hertel Ave.) Saturday, November 28th from 11am-3pm!
We will also have all our kits at the Hertel Christmas Market Friday, December 4th and Saturday, December 5th!

Holiday Pet Adoption-$20.00
Each gift bag comes with a quality plush kitten or puppy, adoption certificate, coloring page, crayons, 5 stickers, collar with blank tag to label with a name, stocking for new pet (stocking style will vary), small Santa hat that fits pet, and a carrying box for all of the goodies! Please complete and submit this order sheet.

Hanukkah Make-With-Me - $15
Celebrate with 3 crafts that can be used to decorate the house for Hanukkah and keep for years to come. Includes: a 3D Menorah Scene, a Hanging Hanukkah Banner and a Felt Dreidel Pennant.3D Menorah Scene comes with with a menorah, sticker sheet with the candles, stars, dreidels, and presents to decorate on 7" x 7 3/4" cardstock.9" x12 Hanging Hanukkah Banner includes a menorah, dreidel and the Star of David made of felt with self-adhesive foam pieces, wooden dowel and satin cord. 2" x 3 Dreidel Pennant includes self-adhesive foam pieces and satin cording to hang on your mantle or wall.

Buffalo Bead Box- $18.00
Each box comes with 6 compartments of glass beads, 25 acrylic letters of your choice, gold and silver accent glass beads, 100” of stretchy cord, complete instructions, heart and star acrylic beads, and two lanyard clips! Makes enough for one lanyard and 4-7 bracelets or 7-10 bracelets! Other bead options available on order form to choose from!

Holiday Playdough Box- $34.00
Taking preorders now for our XL Holiday Playdough Kit. We have a limited quantity so you'll want to grab one quick. This deluxe kit includes: 13x8 storage case with lid and compartments, 3 balls (8 oz. each) of our homemade, lightly scented playdough, wooden dowel, a snowman making kit, all of the baubles to make a festive tree and two cookie cutters and accessories to make cute holiday cookies. Available for pickup beginning Monday, December 7th.

Holiday Rice Box- BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL $25 (reg.$30.00)
This box includes a pleasant peppermint scent, 3 colors of rice (5 cups total), bamboo tongs, wooden scooper, cup, and tons of themed accessories to encourage creative sensory play the entire season. (Bin not included).

Instant Snow Sensory Box- $30.00
This box includes a bag of powder that magically turns into 5 cups of fluffy instant snow (directions included)! Also included are scissor scooper, 2 peg dolls, peg snowman, wooden tree, glitterballs, metal bucket, cup, mini shovel and tons of themed accessories to encourage creative sensory play the entire season.

Holiday Busy Box- $40.00
A carefully curated themed box especially for the holidays filled with 10 crafts and activities to keep the entire family busy through the season.  Each activity is numbered and we have included all of the materials needed to complete each activity! Activities include:
Color Your Own Holiday Sticker Sheet, Snowy Scene Ornament, Holiday Character Banner, Snowman Magnet, Mouse Candy Cane Holder, DIY Wooden Holiday Picture Frame with Stickers, Log Slice Sequin Ornament, Holiday Countdown Chain, Letter to Santa and Pony Bead Lacing Bracelet Set. We will even include extra Letters to Santa for any siblings for no charge!

Naughty/Nice Box- $30.00
Filled with all the tools your little believers need to make the wait for Santa even more magical and pairs great with your Elf on the Shelf. Includes: Magical Elf Touching Gloves, 24 Elf Report Sheets with a Mini Mailbox to send them off to Santa, a Letter to Santa with holiday crayons, a Felt Letter to Santa Envelope to hang on the tree and to tuck any extra notes to Santa in, a DIY placemat just for Santa's milk and cookies and a bag of Magical Reindeer Food to attract Santa's Reindeer.

Sensory Toy Box- $30.00
A carefully curated box especially for toddlers and kids with sensory needs that develops and entices all senses and promotes cognitive, emotional, and sensory development.
Box Includes 13 Items:
Play Scarf, Puffer Ball, Zipper Bracelet, Egg Shaker, Rubber Spike Ring, Rubber Spike Slap Bracelet, Mini Metallic Sensory Ring, Water Bead Squishy Ball, Bell Shaker Stick, Reversible Sequin Slap Bracelet, Stretchy Noodle, Fidget Tube and Snap Stick.

Holiday Sensory Bottle Kit- $15.00
Make your own glittery sensory bottle with snowflakes, water beads, confetti, glitter and other surprises to see! This kit has all of the materials needed to make a mesmerizing, calming sensory bottle.

Ultimate Sensory Bin-$45.00
This deluxe bin offers our biggest variety of materials yet. Includes 4 cups of colored rice, 4oz of Model Magic dough, 6 cups of water beads, 5 cups of instant snow, one 12x12 storage bin with lid, and a package of sensory accessories (wooden dowel, bamboo tongs, wooden mini scooper, scissor scooper, and measuring spoon).

Handmade Wooden Amish Pull Toys- $30.00
Available in Dog or Horse. Limited stock...Message us to order this item.

Message us to see availability of the items below:

Homemade Playdough Kits:

(Email us to order and choose from the following themes:
Fairy, Zoo, Dino, Butterfly, Ocean, Unicorn, Bugs, Mermaid, Farm)

Mini Kit- $15.00- Comes with one (8oz.) lightly scented, non-toxic dough ball and themed accessories in a small to-go container.
Large Kit- $30.00- Comes with three (8oz.) lightly scented, non-toxic dough balls, wooden rolling dowel, and themed accessories in a large to-go container.
XL Kit- $34.00- Comes with three (8oz.) lightly scented, non-toxic dough balls, wooden rolling dowel, and themed accessories in a 13x8 large storage bin with lid for easy storage!

Rice Sensory Boxes:
Available in the following themes:
Space, Fairy, Zoo, Dino, Ocean, Unicorn, Farm, Bugs, Mermaid

Mini- $15.00- Comes with 2 cups of colored rice, wooden scoop, small plastic cup,
and themed accessories.
Large- $30.00- Comes with 4 cups of colored rice, wooden scoop, bamboo tongs, small plastic cup, and themed accessories.

Water Bead Sensory Boxes:
Bin not included. We recommend using a deep baking dish with sides.
Available in the following themes:
Mermaid, Space, Zoo, Dino, Farm, Bugs

Mini- $15.00- Comes with 2 cups of water beads,
scooping cup and themed
accessories in a small to-go container.
Large- $30.00- Comes with 6 cups of water beads,
scooping cup, scissor tongs, and themed accessories.

We sell gift certificates too!
Just email us regarding purchase at:

We accept all major credit cards and cash.