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What is Little Buffalo?

Little Buffalo is Buffalo's first boutique indoor play space for kids. We first opened in February 2020 to bring a calm, safe, clean space for children to play, create, and roam.

We also create sensory and craft kits for purchase. Check out our shop!


How are you keeping guests safe?

 Limited capacity of 10-12 children per session in place. We have hand sanitizer stations in several areas and clean areas routinely during visits. We close an hour between play sessions to clean our entire space to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for our next group.

Are shoes permitted in play area?
We are a socks only facility (adults and children). This is to maintain cleanliness is

our play areas. Don't worry if you forgot yours!

We sell pairs for $2 behind the counter.

Will I be required to pay for adults or babies?

Adults and babies 9 months and under are free with paid sibling. Babies must be worn. If playing and using the space they must be accounted for in the 10-12 child capacity and pay for admission. 

How many adults can come with booked child?

Due to capacity restrictions, we are asking that only one adult per booked child attends. Extra adult will cost $5.00.

Is food permitted in your play area?
Food is not allowed in our play space areas but we have designated tables in our back classroom where children can enjoy snacks or lunch! We also provide complimentary coffee at open play sessions and have 1.00 snacks for purchase!


Do you offer refunds for cancelled play?

We need at least 24 hours notice so that we can reach out to waitlisted families to fill your spot. Any cancellations within 24 hours will not be refunded unless we fill the spot. Because we have capacity limits, we only accept 10-12 children at a time so short notice cancellation affects an opportunity for another child to play! Events, camps, and classes are non-refundable.

Do you sell digital gift certificates?

Yes, we sure do! Our gift certificates can be used towards any class, open play, camps, and special events. Email right to yourself to print or directly to the recipient! Head to:

How do I redeem my paper gift certificate?

If you are purchasing retail products you can bring certificate right to Little Buffalo. If using towards open play, a class, or event please email or call us to book and we can schedule you on our end! You can bring in certificate on your scheduled day to come in!

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Unfortunately, because we can only host 10-12 children at a time, we do not. 


Do you allow strollers in the play space?

We do not allow strollers due to our limited space, but they can be folded and stowed in our front reception area.

Can I bring in cupcakes/cake and open gifts during open play to celebrate my child's birthday?

Sorry, we don't allow birthday celebrations during public open play times.  Feel free to sing but we don't allow food and/or gift opening during open play times.  Please be respectful to the others attending play time.  However, if you'd like to rent out one of our open play sessions exclusively to celebrate, reach out to us!


Do you hold birthday parties?

Yes! Head to our "Parties" tab for details!

Call 716-427-3668 or email with any other questions.

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